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Stephen Jennings Bruce A. Fields, Esq.
Consulting Director Legal Counsel
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Marketing, Advertising, E-Commerce Public Relations, Public Affairs
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STEPHEN JENNINGS Consulting Director


Mr. Jennings, who holds both Bachelors and Masters of Science Degrees, brings over 29 years of solid experience in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Business Operations, Law, Nutrition Science, and Product Research & Development.  Steve is also experienced in both regulatory and commercial law, and has provided strategic counsel on the legislative and regulatory environments to numerous corporations.  Although Steve does not practice as an attorney, his law school training and years of experience working with numerous attorneys and associated legal issues relating to Natural and Organic products can be utilized to your business advantage.  Steve is the team lead on all consulting projects.

In 1976, Steve owned and operated his first successful health food store.  Following his early retailing success, in 1981 he was recruited to be the California Regional Manager for Plus Products, Inc., which was, at that time, one of the top selling vitamin companies in America.  Within his first 12 months, he broke every company sales record and was named national Sales Manager of the Year.

Next, Steve moved on to become Mass Marketing Director for Landstrom Distributors, a division of Nutritional Foods Incorporated (NFI), and again was honored as the top producing national salesperson.  Since then he has held positions as Corporate Officer, Marketing Director, Senior Business Consultant and Chief Researcher and Science writer for several major Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales organizations, as well as held leadership positions in several organizations involved in the public policy arena related to the health and nutrition industry.

He has hosted his own radio talk show, and has also been a featured guest on numerous television and radio programs throughout the United States and Canada.  He has authored many articles for several well-recognized health business publications, and has been a much sought after speaker and consultant to leading health industry companies and major universities.  Steve is frequently sought by the media for his industry expertise and has been quoted by Newsweek magazine, ABC News, CNN, the Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle and many other leading industry publications. 

In addition to business consultations, Steve also writes, lectures and advises on emerging issues facing the health, nutrition, dietary supplement and anti-aging industries. Steve offers educational seminars and trainings for corporations, retail stores, universities, associations, groups, clubs and schools.  

A former collegiate athlete, Mr. Jennings has been the recipient of many prestigious sales and marketing awards and is also a well-recognized nutraceutical product development and formulation specialist, having created many successful state-of-the-art products within the past decade.  During his career, Steve has been known as an innovator whose insights and experience have engineered solid success for his clients.  He has also enjoyed significant success in developing corporate brand identity and the essential framework for numerous corporations and businesses of all sizes.  Steve is known for his ability to bridge the gap between a company's vision and the needs of consumers.

At a very young age, Steve became intrigued with the science of nutrition and food as they relate to life and the earth, and later on as a young businessman he expanded upon those interests as they relate to product and supplement development, and the marketing and merchandising of those products.  Additionally, he developed a special ability to effectively work with and manage people, bringing out the best of every individual for the greatest good of all.

“Even in my mid to late 20’s, I began to be known for quickly assessing the issues of a problem and establishing strategies to overcome obstacles that held marketing efforts and businesses back.  It seems I used 'guerilla marketing' tactics before the term was even coined,” Jennings says.  “I firmly believe in doing the necessary marketing and technical due diligence research analysis on a project, but you’ve also got to have faith in your decisions whether to halt your efforts or move forward with confidence by blending your mental intelligence with your heart and all its burning passions that will motivate you for nothing less than success.”

And, quite importantly, beyond providing professional business development services within the Natural Products industry, Steve is also a recognized authority on nutrition, health and science.  He possesses an extensive knowledge throughout the broad fields of nutrition, health, anatomy and biological sciences gained through his formal education as well as a lifetime of research and learning.  His deep understanding of the traditional, time-honored wisdoms of nutrition, health and healing coupled with the leading edge, new and exciting nutrition science technologies of today, provides a unique and powerful perspective in understanding the needs and communicating the vision of your Natural Products industry business, project or related endeavor. 

When he is not traveling, consulting and teaching, Steve enjoys training for and competing in the Masters division in track & field (sprints and relays) throughout Southern California.  He is also a long-time automobile enthusiast having personally built several high-performance engines as well as successfully completed two entire vehicle restorations (1958 Mercedes 220 S, 1965 Mustang Cobra GT).  He greatly enjoys his workshop garage and dealing with all types of woodworking, metalworking and electrical projects and repairs.  During the school year, when time permits, he also volunteers as a special assistant coach at a local area Los Angeles high school helping to coach the varsity football, baseball and track & field teams.

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