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Keynote Breakout Seminars
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Educational Topics Include:

Natural Products Marketing:  Communicating A Message That People Will Love
Optimizing Your Promotional and Merchandizing Programs
Natural Products Representative and Broker Management:  Getting The Most From
Your Frontline Forcetm
How to Effectively Attract Customers, Build Your Business and Retain a Loyal
Customer Basetm
Workplace Productivity:  Healthy workers increase productivity and save you      money. Learn how to institute a program that works for your business.
Corporate Productivity:  Strategic Insights for Total Performance Masterytm
Performance In The Classroom:  Healthy Insights for Students and Teachers tm


Business- Legal Organizational Seminars
Sarbanes-Oxley For Senior Executives:  A summary of the various aspects of Sarbanes-Oxley implementation.  Project planning, documentation, establishing a risk/control framework, testing, independent advisement.
Dispute Resolution in The Workplace:  Companies squander millions of dollars annually as a result of allowing valuable time and energy to be improperly spent on disputes.  Implement workable solutions for your specific needs.


 Health and Fitness Related
Journey of The Ageless Warrior:  Living Powerfully, Peacefully and Productively to the End of Your Daystm
Anti-Aging: 10 years younger in 10 weeks.   Be Trim, Firm, Healthy and Flexible At Any Age!tm
Getting Older?  Don’t Wait Any Longer to Add Years To Your Lifetm
Natural Weight Loss that Works!   Understanding How to Direct and Control your Body Chemistrytm
Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control:  Understanding How Your Body System Works and How You can Control It to Work for Youtm
Arthritis, Musculoskeletal disorders, Aches and Pains:  What You Can Do Now to Achieve Health Freedom and Flexibilitytm
From the Far East, Amazon Valley and the Valley of the Kings:  Alternative Health Practices from Around the Worldtm
Your Body’s pH Level:  The Most Important Yet Misunderstood and Overlooked Health Barometer of Them Alltm
Pre and Post Menopausal issues:  Natural Solutions That Balance Your Body and Put You in Controltm
Hormone Imbalance (for women and men):  Getting Your Body Back in Balance at any Agetm
Feel Better, Look Better and Have More Energy:  The 7 Steps to More Abundant Health and Livingtm

(These are just a few of the many diverse topics on business development, health and optimal living available.  Contact us for a complete list of presentations)

Steve writes, lectures and advises on emerging issues facing the health, nutrition, dietary supplement business and anti-aging industries.

As a keynote speaker, Steve's dynamic, humorous and knowledgeable presentations captivate diverse audiences nationwide, leaving them entertained, uniquely informed and lastingly inspired.

 To have Steve speak at your next conference, seminar or event, please email or call us at 1-818-760-7170 to inquire if a particular date is available or to schedule a custom-tailored presentation developed specifically for your company, school, product or event.

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