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Serving the Health, Nutrition Products Marketing, Natural & Organic Foods, Sports Performance, and Nutraceutical Industries

NaturalPro Ltd. Consulting GroupTM

Led by Steve Jennings, the NaturalPro, Ltd. Consulting GroupTM is one of the leading authorities on marketing and business development in the health, nutrition and Natural Products industries in America.  NaturalPro, Ltd. ConsultingTM provides a comprehensive array of consultation services for the Natural Products industry, and is a vital resource for start-up, small to medium, and mature businesses that desire to accelerate their sales, marketing and organizational efforts.

 Detailed Solutions, Effective Strategies
Steve Jennings and his staff specialize in a thorough diagnostic critique of current or proposed operations, as well as developing detailed solutions and effective strategies for your success.  We excel at troubleshooting, and aggressively solve problems before they damage your business or investment.

Our group is comprised of unique and talented individuals, each with significant experience and proven skills within the areas of sales, marketing, product development, operational management, nutrition science, law, advertising and public relations.

Through our professional consultation services, we have helped lead numerous Retailers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Product Developers and Sales corporations to increase their profits as well as expand and organize their businesses.  In our work analyzing and providing solutions, we provide time-tested strategies and best-practice methods from years of industry experience, which help you to improve your company’s performance and positively differentiate yourself from the competition.

 Special Assistance to Smaller, Emerging Companies
Although many large market sector, well-running corporations find particular benefit in utilizing specific services offered, smaller businesses with smaller budgets especially find many of our broad range of services perfect for their early developmental needs in order to maximize their potential for success.  

Since it’s economically unfeasible for most young companies to hire the number of experienced personnel to handle, much less to even understand the myriad of issues of early business development in the health and Natural Products industry, we provide experienced, professional guidance at an affordable cost that can comfortably fit a tight budget.

 Knowledge, Experience, Skills
In running a business, especially a Natural Products industry business, it’s hard to know precisely all possible turns in the road and dangers that lurk ahead.  You and your business team may be well educated, highly motivated and have some relative degree of experience, however, you may not be aware and fully prepared to face many unforeseen troubles that could critically broadside your business and plunge you into damage control mode without a plan to save the ship, or a strategy to get you back on course. 

Having someone with you who has traveled the road through many journeys and successfully navigated the uncertain business waters can help you avoid making damaging decisions and costly mistakes.  

Over the past two decades, Steve Jennings has personally spearheaded, directed, launched and turned around numerous organizations and businesses.  He has dedicated his life to the world of natural health, education, fitness and business development.  Working in a manner that builds trust, increases effectiveness and achieves results, have him share with you his knowledge and special skills gained over a lifetime with your company or project so that you may more confidently move forward to achieve your business goals.

 Strengthening Your Market Position
Ultimately, we believe that everything wonderful about your business resides in the hearts of your customers; those who will try your products or services, continue to buy them, and love them so much that they will enthusiastically spread your message thereby strengthening your market position and assuring your future.

If you are looking for a partner to deliver extraordinary Natural Products industry consultation services -- from marketing, product development, operational management, nutrition science, legal, advertising or public relations -- our consulting group is ready to apply our distinctive experience, insights and creativity to your particular needs.

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